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‘Chances of delay is very remote for new projects’

K K Khandelwal, the chairman of Gurugram bench of Haryana RERA, has redefined the role of RERA by bringing in projects completed before the RERA came into force under its ambit. Not only this, he is tirelessly campaigning to bring together all stakeholders to complete projects on a priority. Prabhakar Sinha speaks with K K Khandelwal on the challenges he faces in this endeavour, and upon other aspects of RERA’s functions.

What is the response from buyers, after Haryana RERA went online? What is the scene like in the sector?

The response is good. With RERA going online, it is now very convenient for buyers to file complaint against any developer.

The real estate sector in the region is badly affected owing to several factors. With most projects running late, buyers are at the receiving end, as they are paying both the EMI and rent for the house they live in. Buyers have lost confidence in developers and have stopped paying dues in their respective projects. Thus, work on most projects has stopped.

Under these conditions, our main endeavour today is to get projects completed and delivery of houses given to buyers.

However, for new projects, the act is very categorical and the authority is implementing it diligently. Under the act, RERA is supposed to monitor the progress of construction of a registered project and the utilization of funds paid by buyers; thus, the chances of project delays is very remote. Besides, RERA is also working to regulate the secondary market of the real estate by regulating brokers.

Talking about delayed projects, how should a harassed buyer file a complaint?

With the entire operation of RERA going online, filing a complaint has become simple and user-friendly. In fact, the authority has notified the procedures for filing and adjudication of complaints relating to real estate projects. The copy of notification is also available on RERA website — .

A buyer must register his complaint on the website through proforma B (available on the website). The complainant must give all relevant details of self, the purchased unit, promoter (respondent), and the project. The website will automatically generate the registration number of the complaint.

After registering proforma B on the website, all complaints must be filed in the RERA Gurugram office, on paper, with brief facts of the case and list of dates like date of agreement, payment, proposed date of delivery. The complainant must specify the issues to be resolved and the relief sought. Along with the complaint, a court fees of Rs 1,000 must be paid and an affidavit on a ten-rupee stamp paper declaring that all the information submitted is correct is to be submitted.

Source : TOI

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